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  • "Automaton -- Australia is hot. The mystery is hot. The case is hot. The black cloud of murder hangs like a sultry cloud above a young man who may or may not be guilty. Is he a k..."
    Caleb Pirtle
    5 stars
  • "Imbroglio: A fascinating, sexy thriller that keeps you wanting more! -- I bought this book on Kindle, but I wish I had purchased the paperback. What a terrific book. While it ..."
    5 stars
  • "Automaton by Alana Woods --- I really enjoyed this book. The story and characters had my interest from the beginning and I found it difficult to put down. I read it in two ..."
    5 stars from me
Hello, I'm Alana Woods ...
the Intrigue Queen
Take a walk on the wild side with Noel Valentine after she pulls an unconscious stranger from a burning car in the far north of hot tropical Queensland. Stay with her in the aftermath when she falls into a maze of international criminals and finds life can be hazardous. 

96,000 word intrigue suspense.

Available in paperback and kindle formats.
Imbroglio on Amazon
See what Amazon reviewers say. 
Let me introduce you to Elisabeth Sharman and Robert Murphy.

Elisabeth has a secret. A big one. One that could derail her life and career.

Robert has a problem—Elisabeth.

He’s her instructing solicitor and she’s not playing by the legal rules in a murder trial in which she’s defending a 19 year old amnesiac.

A murder trial in which the victim’s wife says she saw the crime committed. A wife who has her own secrets.

Elisabeth knows her secret will become known. The wife wants to obliterate hers from existence.

126,000 word intrigue suspense.
Available in paperback and kindle formats.
Automaton on Amazon
See what Amazon reviewers say. 

A collection of my best short stories. 

In Tapestries and sleeping beauties Carolyn Burns, embroiderer-extraordinaire, little knows what she’s up against when she meets brother-in-law Bob’s architect, Alexander Wells, on the building site of Bob’s new home.

Squeaky shoes takes you into the courtroom for a divorce based on farting.

The scenic route, an award-winning true story, shows what can happen when you ignore a young Carabinieri with a pistol.

Yin and Yang is an exquisite story of love and loss and A south sea pearl a salutary lesson about trusting too easily. 

Available in kindle format.

Tapestries on Amazon

See what Amazon reviewers say. 

What’s the secret to a compelling hook?

How do you write characters that live and breathe?

When do you show and when do you tell?

Where does story development take you?

Why do your descriptions fall flat?

Who is telling the story? First, second or third person point of view.

All that and more in 25 essential writing tips.

Available in paperback and kindle formats.

Family medical history 
A diary in which you can record everything and anything of a medical nature that happens in your family.

Available in paperback.

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I've created three albums so far and will add photos as I take them.

automaton: Photos in this album depict story locations in my legal thriller automaton so you can see where the action is taking place.

MyCanberra: I live in Australia's national capital, Canberra. I love it and thought I'd share some views with you.

Publicity photos: These are photos of me taken in the last six years.

I'll add albums for my other books as I take photos for them.

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