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  • "Imbroglio by Alana Woods---You probably won't finish this novel in one sitting. You'll have to pay close attention to keep track of all the different players in the programme. I..."
    John L Work
    4 stars
  • "Imbroglio by Alana Woods --- Thoroughly absorbing --- I have just finished reading "Imbroglio" by Alana Woods. "Imbroglio" is an intricately drawn story that centres on t..."
    5 stars
Hello, I'm Alana Woods ... the queen 
of intrigue fiction. You'll find the latest on my books and blogs here.
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There's nothing like relaxing with a book that takes you into its own world.
Let my award-winning legal suspense intrigue thriller AUTOMATON entertain you.

Elisabeth Sharman has a secret.
As a senior solicitor with the Australian Capital Territory Legal Aid Office she's defending a 19 year old with amnesia. He can't remember committing the murder for which he's on trial. Or says he can't.
Robert Murphy has a problem. Elisabeth.
He's her instructing solicitor and she's not playing by the legal rules. She's using her feminine wiles with him—to good effect—and he's afraid her motives aren't pure.
126,000 word intrigue suspense.
Available in paperback and kindle formats.
Automaton on Amazon
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If legal intrigue AUTOMATON isn't your kind of fiction, how about gut-twisting espionage suspense thriller IMBROGLIO to get your adrenalin racing.

When Noel Valentine saves David Cameron from a burning car on a dark night in far north Queensland she has an inkling of what she may be setting in train—but no idea that one outcome will be a fight for her life. Would she have saved him if she had known she would be facing sharks of the finned as well as the two-legged variety?

96,000 word intrigue suspense.

Available in paperback and kindle formats.
Imbroglio on Amazon
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A collection of published, new and award-winning short stories that take you into a whirlwind of romance, crime, travel and humour.  Read them all in one sitting or dip in one at a time.

Available in kindle format.

Tapestries on Amazon

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What’s the secret to a compelling hook?

How do you write characters that live and breathe?

When do you show and when do you tell?

Where does story development take you?

Why do your descriptions fall flat?

Who is telling the story? First, second or third person point of view.

All that and more in 25 essential writing tips.

Available in paperback and kindle formats.

Family medical history 
A diary in which you can record everything and anything of a medical nature that happens in your family.

Available in paperback.

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Dan Alatorre, author of THE LONG CUTIE is my latest author interview. Dan writes about a heart condition called Long QT Syndrome.

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